I assumed I wouldn’t find the time….

Thanks for stopping by…. I have always enjoyed writing, and used to write a blog back when I was childminding and home educating in a more structured way. I mothballed it some time ago now since much of it no longer represents the way we go about unschooling ourselves! Since then I have challenged many assumptions, both mine and those of the wider unschooling community. We continue to grow and thrive as a family and I’m hoping to make time to document a little of that here…..

I haven’t written much in a while because I assumed I was too busy for writing more than shopping and to-do lists. What changed? Well after a week of poorly children and sleep deprivation of sorts, three of them fell asleep halfway through ‘The Cat in the Hat’ tonight, two are spinning in hammocks watching YouTube and giggling and my husband is watching snooker, leaving me free to…… start a blog…. finally….. funny how these little moments pop up now and again just when you need them isn’t it?!


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